What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga

You’ve heard about yoga, you’ve maybe even gone to some hot yoga classes yourself. But there’s another level to this yoga game that you’re maybe not clued into yet. It’s called aerial yoga and it’s going vertical, literally! Aerial yoga uses fabric hanging from the ceiling to help students reach deeper yoga poses and decompress their spines. Yogis and their students are suspended in the air about 3 feet high with long fabric hammocks supporting their backs. Using the slings, yoga students have more stability and can hold a pose longer. Though it may sound more intense, aerial yoga can help new yoga-doers reach more advanced positions faster! Yoga has countless benefits, so no wonder it’s caught on so quick.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Destress: Yoga is focused around the ability to help you relax your mind and stretch out your muscles. It requires focus and clearing your mind. It can be a great practice after a day when your emotions are running high and you just need to refocus. Practicing the act of being still, holding poses and regulating your breathing can seriously help lower your stress levels.

Physical health: Yoga helps build strength in your muscles as you routinely stretch and flex muscles.

Yoga is based on stretching, so as you are building strength you are also building your flexibility. Exercising these capabilities is crucial as you get older, as it helps reduce arthritis and back pain. Increasing flexibility reduces aches and pains from sitting all day at an office to sleeping in the wrong position, overall reducing stress on your joints and improving your physical health.

There are many components of the physical benefits of yoga, such as better posture and the toning and refining of muscles. Aerial yoga moves and stretches every part of your body; there is not one muscle you can ignore when doing a pose in a fabric sling! If you’re looking for a new way to exercise while strengthening your mind and body, aerial yoga might be for you.

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