Why You Should Try Aerial Yoga.

aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga

We’ve all heard of yoga. The Hindu practice of controlled breathing and elaborate body postures has become more and more prevalent in modern society over the past decade. People flock to yoga studios to reap the benefits of this practice which include increased flexibility, weight loss, relaxation, and improved respiration. Some have even taken the benefits to the next level with hot yoga; a yoga practice done in a heated room to promote detoxification. 

But now a new craze is hitting the yoga scene and it will definitely elevate your practice: Aerial Yoga. Using a “hammock,” aerial yoga combines yoga, dance,and pilates to create an amazing experience.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

  1. Flexibility- Sure, any type of yoga will improve your flexibility. But aerial yoga can help you reach the next level. Some yoga poses may be difficult for new yogis to achieve on the ground, but poses become much easier when being practiced while suspended. The suspension also alleviates pressure on your body, allowing you to deepen your poses.
  2. Stress Reduction- Both mentally and physically. gravity tends to naturally compress your spine, but aerial yoga removes that pressure and allows your spine to fully decompress. It allows your muscles to further relax without the weight of the rest of your body. Plus, the gentle sway and intense muscle relaxation can lead to and overall feeling of stress free bliss.
  3. Better Focus- Yoga can already be somewhat tricky, but add the complexity of the hammock to the mix and you have a play ground for your brain. The additional focus required to stay balanced in the hammock gives your brain a nice workout
  4. Strength- Yoga is popular for it’s ability to improve flexibility through its poses, but yoga can also significantly improve your strength. Aerial yoga doubles up on this perk. Not only are you moving your body into these challenging poses, you’re doing it while in the air. This requires the whole body to participate in keeping you up and balanced. 
  5. FUN!!!- You are literally swinging from a giant, soft hammock! How can that not be fun? Most hammocks are designed to support up to 2000 lbs, so there is no need to be concerned about your weight. You can relax and have some fun reliving your favorite scene from The Greatest Showman. 

Springfield spots for aerial yoga;

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