Springfield Park Board

The Springfield Park Board is proud to offer a wide variety of both facilities and services to the Greene County area. The Park Board provides 3,200 acres and 104 sites, ranging from neighborhood playgrounds to multi-use recreational facilities to natural resource areas. So, with a presence like this, it’s clear that the Park makes many things possible for the city. Let’s dive into what that looks like and how you can get involved with them!

The Springfield-Greene County Park system includes…

• 4 golf courses
• 6 family centers
• A zoo
• A farm park
• Botanical gardens
• 6 sports and athletic Complexes
• 2 indoor aquatics centers
• 6 outdoor swimming pools
• Multiple School-Park sites and more than 100 miles of recreational trails — including 70+ miles of Greenways.

Golf Courses
• Bill and Payne Stewart Golf Course
• Horton Smith Municipal Golf Course
• Rivercut Golf Course
• Betty Allison Junior Golf Course

Family Centers & Parks
• Chesterfield Family Center
• Dan Kinney Family Center
• Dickerson Park Zoo
• Doling Family Center
• Northview Family Center
• Oak Grove Community Center
• Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park
• Tom Watkins Center

Sports and Athletic Complexes
• Cooper Tennis Complex
• James Ewing Sports Complex
• Killian Sports Complex
• Lake Country Soccer
• Meador Park
• Mediacom Ice Park
• Miracle League Ball Field
• O’Reilly-Tefft Gymnasium
• Springfield Skate Park

Hiking and Biking Trails
• Galloway Creek Greenway
• Frisco Highline Trail
• James River Greenway & Trail of Honor
• James River Water Trail
• Jordan Creek Greenway
• South Creek Greenway
• Fulbright Spring Greenway
• Fassnight Creek Greenway
• Ward Branch Greenway
• Wilson’s Creek Greenway
• Sac River Mountain Bike Trail
• Trail of Tears Greenway