What To Look For When Choosing LASIK

Finding a center that can complete your upcoming surgery can be a hassle.

You want your procedure to go smoothly and to be done in the most professional way possible, but what if you don’t know the difference between a good facility and a great facility? At Mattax Neu Prater, we pride ourselves in both our procedures and our ability to keep patients informed. Listed below are some key factors that every upcoming procedure should include.

Surgery is a serious matter. The most important factor of a successful procedure is the quality of the performance. This is why Mattax Neu Prater’s surgical facility provides only the finest ophthalmic surgical care available in southwest Missouri and the Ozarks. This is made possible because we are owned and operated by reliable doctors, and staffed by experienced, specialized professionals.

Utilizing the latest surgical techniques is a key focus at Mattax Neu Prater. Drs. Mattax, Neu, and Prater use equipment that is especially designed for eye treatment to perform surgical procedures both quickly and safely, while also minimizing any discomfort and promoting faster recovery.

In order to be mindful of our patient’s wellbeing, we also provide easy access to our facilities. Our eye surgery center is located on the lower level of the Mattax Neu prater Eye Center Building in Springfield. Convenient parking is available.

Our staff is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible. Your visit will include unsurpassed personal care and attention in a convenient, patient-friendly environment. From our reception area to our comfortable recovery rooms, you will always be safe at Mattax Neu Prater.

Now that you have an understanding of what to look for, you’re one step closer to completing your procedure! Remember, these are qualities that will determine what type of experience you will have once the time for that surgery is here. So, consider a center that can provide the experience that will match your expectations. When you need to schedule your next procedure, Mattax Neu Prater is ready to help.

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