Raw Milk -The Newest Milk Variety

Remember when milk was just milk? Now there are countless varieties of the nutritious drink, from almond to soy to chocolate! In recent milk trends, a new contender has entered the ring; raw milk. It may sound made up, but it’s true, people are drinking raw, unpasteurized or homogenized milk. You may have a confused look on your face, so let’s answer those questions!

What makes raw milk different?

Raw milk has no chemicals added, whereas pasteurized milk does, which is the reason many consumers are switching to this new variety. Regular milk that you can buy in a store is pasteurized and homogenized. Pasteurization is the heating of milk to very high temperatures. This process kills bacteria, yeasts, molds and increases its shelf life. Once milk is pasteurized it is usually homogenized as well. This process is used to break down fat molecules in milk so that they do not separate. If milk is not homogenized the fat will create a layer of cream on the top. Raw milk is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized and often hasn’t been homogenized.

Health Benefits of Raw Milk

So why would someone want to drink milk that hasn’t been pasteurized or homogenized, you ask? Well there are a few benefits, such as the drink’s nutrients being higher. Since raw milk is a natural food it has more amino acids, antimicrobials, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  Raw milk is also said to reduce allergies by 50% and even boost the immune system.  Since raw milk contains healthy fats, it can improve your skin by hydrating it. The probiotics in it can also kill off bacteria, which can help clear up your skin. But, of course, all things come with some risk.

Risks of Raw Milk

According to the CDC, drinking raw milk does have some risks to it that you should consider if you are thinking of trying the beverage. Since raw milk is not pasteurized it still contains some bacteria. This bacteria can cause infections, but it all depends on what germ you contract, the amount and how strong your immune system is. Be sure to assess all the benefits and risks before trying out this new, trendy product.

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