LASIK eye surgery has been around for a very long time and improves each and every year. Whether you’ve worn glasses or contacts your entire life, or even for just a few years, there are 5 important benefits of LASIK eye surgery to think about.

Better Vision:

Studies have shown how effective LASIK eye surgery can be. According to Optilase Clinic, 95 percent of those who undergo the procedure achieved a visual acuity of 20/40, while 85 percent returned to 20/20 vision. Either way your eyes should improve drastically after LASIK eye surgery.

Long- Term Results:

Although it can sometimes take months for your eyes to fully adjust after LASIK, the results should be permanent. Occasionally a patient might need to have a follow-up appointment based eyesight changes with age.

Faster Results and Recovery:

Although you shouldn’t drive immediately after LASIK eye surgery, most patients return to their normal schedules and lives within just 24 hours!

No more contacts or eyeglasses:

The amount of money that will be saved from not buying the monthly contacts or yearly glasses, overtime, will save a person hundreds of dollars each year. You will be able to just sit back and enjoy life without the hassle of dry contacts and smudgy glasses.

No stitches or bandages:

Like most surgery’s, LASIK is different. You will not have to worry about major recovery procedures, therapy, stiches, or bandages. The recovery after LASIK is smooth and fast.
If you’re looking for the freedom of having great eyesight, think about LASIK. You will no longer need to plan your life around your eyewear. Talk to your local eye doctor and give Mattax Neu Prater a call today at 886-EYES!