Stem Cell Therapy

Finding Relief in Your Joint Pain from Stem Cells

Stem cells obtained from your own fat tissue are being used to regenerate and stimulate the growth of new cartilage, with no downtime or sedation. This is eliminating the need for knee replacements and the risks that come along with surgery.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are unassigned cells that have the capability to divide and replicate into various cell types. Not only does this mean the cell can multiply, but also that it can turn into different types of tissues. This allows stem cells to replace or regenerate old and damaged cells which then regrows cartilage.
Stem cell therapy refers to isolating and deploying stem cells into your body with the intention of regenerating tissues they are designed to repair.

How Do We Get The Stem Cells?

Step 1: Mini Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia, to extract the fat which contains the stem cells.
Step 2: The fat is then processed, breaking down the collagen that binds the fat and stem cells. Then the stem cells are separated out.
Step 3: The injection site is numbed, and a trained provider will inject the joint using ultrasound guidance as needed.

We get used to having symptoms and we think that’s just our baseline or that we’re “getting old,” but in reality, this is what we deal with when we’re talking regenerative medicine. Typically in healthcare, we’re managing disease and managing chronic illness, whereas stem cell therapy regenerates our bodies back to where they were before.

Stem Cells Are Your Body’s Natural Healing Cells

Stem Cell Therapy provides an alternative to the following disorders or diseases:

– Neck Arthritis
– Cervical Disk Disease
– Back Arthritis
– Knee Surgery
– Hip Surgery
– Elbow or Hand Surgery
– Shoulder Surgery

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