Changes to the Stay-At-Home Order in Springfield, Mo.

Ken McClure Makes Changes...

On Tuesday, April 21st, the Greene County Commission and Ken McClure announced a change to the existing Stay-At-Home order currently effective in Greene County. The original order, enacted on Thursday, March 26th, was set to expire on April 24th at 11:59 pm. The new order extends that time-frame out until 11:59 pm on May 3rd. 

In an effort to move forward and start the migration back into something resembling a normal Ozarks existance, Greene County has made some changes to the Stay-At-Home order moving forward that allow certain non-essential businesses to re-open.

These businesses are now able to function by taking phone or internet orders and fulfilling via shipping or curbside pick-up. While this is a big step for local retailers, businesses with more personal contact will have to continue to wait. These include hair salons, pet grooming, nail salons, and auto detailing. 

Click here for the official announcement from the City of Springfield and more information on the current order.

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