Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Do You Need Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Every single day most of us use our hands without ever giving it a second thought. Whether it be typing at a desk, writing, driving, or even cleaning, we use our hands for a majority of the day. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize carpal tunnel symptoms, especially when you are first experiencing them. Pain, numbness, and even tingling in your fingers usually will catch your attention, and this is the moment endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery should be brought up to your doctor.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is cause by pressure on your median nerve.

This is what causes those symptoms that often bring you numbness or pain. Depending on your case sometimes you can get away with simply wearing a wrist brace but it could also be time for endoscopic surgery.  Endoscopic surgery uses a very thin tube with a camera attached. After a small incision is cut in the wrist the endoscope is guided in through the wrist. Not only does this small camera give doctors a better view of your wrist but also allows them to make an incision so small hardly any scaring is caused.

After an endoscopic surgery the pressure that is placed on the median nerve is relieved and so are the carpal tunnel symptoms.  It is important to remember sometimes it may take several months for all pain and numbness to go away. It is also important to avoid lifting heavy items and minimizing the use of your hands if at all possible.

If you’re suffering from carpal tunnel symptoms don’t wait to see a doctor.

Endoscopic surgery just might be your answer.

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