Five Signs of Depression in a Person

Depression isn’t always obvious, and although it may only occur once in someone’s life, others may have numerous episodes of depression. Sometimes depression can be mistaken for other things and it is important to know what depression might look like in a person.

Below are five signs of depression in a person:

Loss of interest in things that were previously pleasurable.
Often at times, a person may lose interest in things they once loved, or enjoyed. Sometimes a person might still gravitate towards things that are easy and require very little effort, but this usually causes issues with a spouse or partner. The sentence, “You have plenty of time and interest for playing video games, but not when it comes to spending quality time with me” could be used in a situation, but it is important to realize this could be early signs of depression.

Sleep Difficulties.

This could mean a couple things. Whether it be struggling to fall asleep or struggling to stay asleep, these are signs of early depression as well. Sleep is such an important part of one’s health.

Eating habits changing.

If one suffers from eating too much or even too little – this could be an eye opener for depression. Sometimes your weight will change in the expected direction based on your eating habits. This can sometimes make one feel like they have let themselves go, or no longer look attractive. This is where confidence issues often arise.

Expressing negative thoughts.

Someone suffering with depression might only be able to communicate with negative thoughts or ideas. This can lead to others thinking they are trying to make life difficult for others even though this is often an effect of very depressive thoughts in one’s mind.

Suicidal Ideas.

It is always important to take someone serious if they talk about suicidal thoughts or threats. Often at times people think the statement isn’t serious, or believe that someone is joking after a suicidal statement. The suicidal statements are a key element of depression, and this suggests that treatment is very urgent. Always take suicidal ideas or threats seriously.
Once you see depression in someone, try and encourage them to talk to someone whether it be a trained professional, or even a good friend. Anything can help.

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