Local Trails In Springfield, MO

Enjoy the beauty here in the Ozarks with some of the best parks, rivers, streams and trails.

Here in the Ozarks there are many Greene County parks that have trails. These trails provide a more livable community but also provide opportunity for physical activity, as well as improve fitness and mental health.

Two featured trails here in the Ozarks:

Bennet Spring State Park. This park has the third largest spring in the state of Missouri. Not only are the trails beautiful but also has some great stops for excellent trout fishing. Whether you’re interested in Bennet Spring’s amazing nature center, dining, stores, trails, float trips or even campsites, they have it all. Check out Bennet Spring State Park today!

Bennet Springs Trail Springfield MO
A big part of James River Greenway is “Ozark Greenways”, which is a 501c3 non-profit group that provides wonderful greenway trails for the public. At the James River Greenway you can hike a three different one-mile segments. The “Trail of Honor” is brand new and now open on the James River Greenway. This trail is a one mile trail that follows the banks of the James River, and goes through the edge of the Missouri Veterans Cemetery. Check out James River Greenway today!

Ozark Greenway Trails Springfield MO

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