How To Know If You Need Cataract Surgery

Cataracts do NOT generally cause pain, discomfort, redness, discharge, or sudden alarming vision changes that would lead you to seek immediate help. The changes caused by cataracts generally develop so slowly that you don’t even notice them until they are serious enough to affect normal lifestyles. Below are some questions that you should ask yourself to know if you need cataract surgery.

Ask yourself these questions:
• Am I having difficulty driving at night?
• Is it more difficult to see distant objects?
• Does my vision seem blurred or dim?
• Have my eyes become more sensitive to light and glare?
• Do I see a halo around lights?
• Do colors seem “dull”?
• Have I changed eyeglass prescriptions more frequently than usual?
• Do I need brighter light for reading?
• Does my vision sometimes seem distorted?
• So I see “ghost” images?
• Have I experienced double vision?

There are three types of cataracts to keep a watch out for.

A subcapsular cataract occurs at the back of the lens. Often at times this type of cataract is found in people with diabetes, or those who take steroid medications. The nuclear cataract forms deep in the lens. This cataract is mostly found in adults who are aging. Lastly, there is a cortical cataract. This contract happens in the lens but also surrounds a majority of the central nucleus.

You can help prevent further eye damage by asking yourself the right questions and knowing the different types of cataracts. Although cataracts can develop slowly, take precautions and seek help from an eye center. Mattax Neu Prater has the physicians to help with your eye care.

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