Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About Contact Lenses

Contacts are a way of life – let’s face it.

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We need them in order to lead our active, full-bodied lives. So why not make

sure you’re getting the BEST contacts with a trusted brand behind them?

Mattax Neu Prater’s doctors of optometry take great pride in offering contact lenses that provide their patients with the most comfortable fit for their eyes and their lifestyles.

Our contact lenses incorporate only state-of-the-art materials and advanced technologies.

We offer a wide variety to make it possible to meet each patient’s unique needs:

Soft and hard (rigid gas-permeable) lenses
Extended wear, daily wear, and disposable lenses
Multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia
Soft toric lenses to correct astigmatism
Colored lenses
Safety First

When you come through our doors, your doctor will carefully evaluate your specific prescription, as well other factors that may affect your ability to safely and comfortably wear contact lenses. These factors include your eyes’ shape, tear production, and blinking, as well as the condition of your eyelids (hey – we try to think of everything!).

Before recommending a particular type or brand of contact lens, your doctor will ask:

If you take any medications?
How motivated you are to wear contacts?
How much experience you have with contacts?

These questions help our team know your particular story & how we can best serve you.

We also recommend an annual evaluation of your eye health to monitor for allergies, infections, & dry eyes.

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