Thanksgiving Health Tips

Halloween is over and the next holiday is in line; Thanksgiving! It’s time to start preparing for the hearty feast after the turkey trot. And we’ve got some tips for you to improve your Thanksgiving experience while still enjoying all the turkey you want!

Don’t save room!

You may do this every year; starve yourself all day, just waiting for that perfectly sliced turkey and pumpkin pie. Come meal time you get a plate, or two, loaded with food, no room to spare. By the time you get to the dessert you’re too full to stand. This year, eat light snacks before Thanksgiving meal time. This way you can accurately portion your meal out to eat a healthy amount without starving yourself and binging.


To help you get the correct amount of food without gorging yourself, use a smaller plate. Portions in America are notoriously higher than other countries and it’s no different on a holiday centered on a large feast. So use a salad plate this year, you’ll thank yourself later.

Be Picky!

Don’t just pile on everything the spread has to offer. First take a survey of what the in-laws, aunts and uncles have served up this year. When deciding what to pile on the plate, go for the veggies first. Grab some green bean casserole, roasted carrots and sweet potatoes. Once you’ve filled at least one third of your plate with these nutritious delicacies, move onto the turkey and mashed potatoes.

Sit up!

This may be the last thing you’re thinking about with a plate of stuffing and cranberry sauce in front of you, but sitting up straight may be the make or break between you and your second helping of pie. Good posture will help your body digest better and keep you more in tune with how full you’re getting.

Use these tips this Thanksgiving and share them with your friends and family so you can all enjoy a healthy, safe and scrumptious Thanksgiving feast!

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