Seasonal Allergies – What You Need To Know

The weather is changing and with that comes the constant sneezing and itchy eyes; allergies. Every year they come and every year they are just as inconvenient as before. But we have some helpful tips that you can do to combat the hay fever, and they’re perfectly simple.

Do you know what is triggering your allergies?

This is the number one way to make sure that you stay away from congestion or a runny nose this fall. If you haven’t been tested for your specific allergy triggers, you can avoid causing symptoms of seasonal allergies in a few simple ways. The Mayo Clinic suggests staying away from gardening tasks, staying inside on dry or windy days and, for more extreme cases, wearing a pollen mask outdoors.

In the case that you are out enjoying the weather on a fine fall day, make sure to change your clothes, take a shower and really scrub out all the excess pollen that may be clinging to you.

Shut your doors on allergies. Literally.

Shutting doors and windows in your house as well as your car keeps pollen away from the places you spend the most time at. During November ragwood pollen is at its highest levels during the morning. While you’re inside, make sure to keep the air fresh with air conditioning and a dehumidifier.

You’ve stayed away from allergy triggers, you’ve shook off all the pollen from your clothes and you’ve shut your doors, but those pesky seasonal allergies are still tickling your nose. Now what? Watch what you’re eating. Specific foods can reduce the inflammation that allergies cause, such as cold-water fish, walnuts, flaxseed oil, grass-fed eggs and meat; anything high in omega-3 fatty acids. Another good antidote for inflammation are onions, grapes, tomatoes or green-tea. But if that just isn’t working for you, take the traditional route of antihistamines, such as Claritin or Zyrtec.

Though it may seem hopeless, there is always something you can do to combat those annual allergies. Enjoy your autumn, and try and one of these helpful tips.

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