The Benefits of Invisalign

Is Invisalign as good as braces?

Traditional braces accomplish the goal of straight teeth and have for a very long time. With a combination of brackets, wires and very small rubber bands called ligatures, braces have been moving and straightening teeth for many years. Although braces have been working, Invisalign might be the new best thing.
Not only is invisalign clear and hardly noticeable, it also offers the same benefits as braces, and has a custom-made cut for your teeth. Virtually, Invisalign is made up of a thermoplastic material that looks very similar to teeth whitening trays.

How do the aligners straighten your teeth?

Although the treatment has a series of aligners, each aligner makes small adjustments to your teeth. The difference between regular braces and invisalign is that the aligners are mapped out in advance, this way it is made to fit your specific situation. After about two weeks, you will begin the next set of aligners. This helps with the continued teeth straightening process during the use of Invisalign.

“Invisalign was great, I was able to take them out and eat whatever I wanted. After I was finished eaying I simply put them back in. I now have an awesome smile that I can be proud of,” said Stefanie.

Unlike braces, you have the option to remove your aligners, to brush and floss, and have fresh breath along with proper oral hygiene. Office visits are shorter with Invisalign since the treatments don’t involve metal or wire adjustments so you’ll most likely spend way less time in the dentist chair.

Invisalign is the new virtual treatment plan. Instead of imagining what your smile could look like, see for yourself with Invisalign Aligners.

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