Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and How Can it Help You? Aging is never a fun process. Wrinkles start to appear, bones start to creek and things start malfunctioning. But it’s 2018! We have modern technology and science on our side. And with that we can replace what’s broken and depleting! Bioidentical Hormone Replacement […]

Kombucha: Help Your Gut

What is Kombucha? Kombucha you say? You’ve probably heard of it by now, if you’re not sipping a bottle as you read this. Kombucha is not some foreign curse word or a potion made from the blood of your enemies and a fresh toe. Kombucha is fermented tea. And by fermented we mean a culture […]

Who Is The Doc That Rocks?

Many of you have probably heard the My Dentist commercials on 104.7 The Cave and wondered where the nickname “DOC THAT ROCKS” came from. When I first met Doctor Melson, I wanted to put him in the same “round” advertising hole that all the other [round] dentist pegs fit into…talking to the moms- the one’s […]

Stem Cell Therapy

Finding Relief in Your Joint Pain from Stem Cells Stem cells obtained from your own fat tissue are being used to regenerate and stimulate the growth of new cartilage, with no downtime or sedation. This is eliminating the need for knee replacements and the risks that come along with surgery. What Are Stem Cells? Stem […]

Do Your Homework

When you or someone you know is considering ANYTHING to do with your / their eyes (some might say, the windows to your soul. . .) – please take the time to DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And who better to teach you about the eyes, and the proper care that they need, than the area’s foremost […]

Diabetic Retinopathy

Ok – so everyone knows diabetes is NO JOKE. Most people don’t think of the adverse effects that diabetes also has on the EYE. Diabetic Retinopathy is the name we in the eyecare community give to diabetes’ effects on the blood vessels in the eye. NEWS FLASH: In the United States, Diabetic Retinopathy is the […]

Endovenous Laser Therapy

Only 25% of those who suffer from venous insufficiency, even know they have a problem. One of the procedures that Dr. Colin Bailey of Bailey Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Centre performs is with the Endovenous Laser Therapy, simply known as EVLT. This minimally invasive procedure treats venous insufficiency without the painful vein stripping process. Fast, […]

September Park Events

Take a Tram Tour of the beautiful Springfield botanical gardens of Nathanael Green Park on a solar guided tram every Saturday and Sunday of September. Tours are 20 minutes long, and free! For more information on our Tram Tours, visit our Botanical page! Join our free Walk Tours every Friday night in September and learn […]

Bailey Cosmetic & Vein Center Services

Dr. Bailey is a Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery (2013), American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine (2008), American Board of Surgery (Recertified 2004), and American Board of Thoracic Surgery (Recertified 2005) BIOIDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY STEM CELL THERAPY SKIN CARE Aesthetician Services Infrared Skin Tightening Radiowave Mole Removal Photodynamic Therapy Laser Ablation Photo Facial/IPL […]