Healthy Meal Prepping

Eating healthy sounds nice, but when it comes to meal prep, it gets a little tricky.

When you’re on the go or have to eat lunch at the office, it’s hard to plan a well-balanced meal, especially with McDonalds beckoning you from across the street. So how can you simplify it? First, you must change your mindset. Eating healthy is a process, it’s going to be a bit more effort than stopping at McDonalds, yes, but it’s not impossible. And the benefits are endless! What you put into your body affects your mental, physical and emotional health.

Start small! Changing your eating habits isn’t about making drastic changes that you can’t sustain. Do the small things over and over till they are habits, then add another small change.

Of course the first change to start with is an essential; fruits and veggies.

Start replacing that bag of Funyuns with some grapes. Grab a container of hummus to pair with carrots, celery, broccoli or bell peppers. Hummus comes prepackaged and there are often to-go packs of carrots and other veggies that make it quick and easy snack to put in your lunch.

Make a large helping of rice, quinoa or your grain of choice. These are great, filling foods that can be paired with anything. If you make a large helping at the beginning of the week you can add it to whatever else you want throughout the week. Burrito bowls, stir fry, salads, wraps, you name it! Prep some corn or beans, fry up some carrots, peppers and cauliflower and you can add these to your grain, pop it in the microwave at work and you’ve got a full, healthy meal!

Another great additive to rice? Sausage! Precook some Italian sausage, pop some russet potatoes in the oven while you relax on a Sunday, and you’ll have them all week to pair with your rice. Add some veggies and the spice of your choice and you’ve got a yet another meal prepped.

Tired of the rice?

Try couscous , lentils or your favorite pasta. They’re similar in nutrition, but offer a different flavor to your lunch. Try adding lime, cilantro, cayenne or Caribbean jerk seasoning for some spice.

Sweet potatoes are another great, filling and nutritious option for lunch. And they’re easy to meal prep! Just slide several in the oven and you can heat them up throughout the week. Add them as a side to your rice, load them with veggies or eat them alone, they go great with anything, from broccoli to yogurt and honey.

With just a little forethought, healthy meal prep can be so simple! It may take a few extra steps, but the benefits of a better diet far outweigh the extra time to pre-make some rice for the week. So go for it! Take the baby steps, day by day and make lunch time at the office an experience!

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